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Barbecue Shrimp

You'll want plenty of napkins and a drink in your hand for this one!


- 1 -2 lbs Raw Shrimp (with shells still on)

- 1 cup (or less) Worcestershire Sauce

- The Juice of one Lemon (about 3 tbsp)

- Hot Sauce to taste

- 2 tbsp Garlic Cilantro Balsamic

- 4-6 Garlic Cloves (crushed)

- Rosemary to taste

- Salt to taste

- 8 tbsp Butter (1 stick)


- Mix together Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, hot sauce, garlic cilantro balsamic, garlic, rosemary, and salt in a medium to large sauce pan.

- Bring to a simmer and reduce - about 15 minutes.

- Add 1 tablespoon of butter at a time whisking after each. (We don’t want the butter to burn!) - Reduce heat and add shrimp to the sauce.

- Continue to cook until shrimp are done. About 5 minutes. - Garnish with rosemary sprigs.

Enjoy with toasted garlic bread or anything you can use to soak up the sauce! Enjoy!

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